9/16 Hillgang; The DC zVM and zLinux Users’ Group Meeting (near Herndon VA)

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The DC VM & Linux Users’ Group

Announcing the 32nd Meeting of the new Hillgang

  • Date: 16 Sep 2019
  • Location: Broadcom Offices

2291 Wood Oak Drive

Herndon VA

  • Time: 8:30 for 9:00 until 2pm


  • Breakfast – Brought to you by Broadcom.
  • The Seriousness of Securing your VM

Environment Using Audit Data – Yvonne

Demeritt, Broadcom

  • Attacking Encryption: Understanding risk and

making intelligent choices – Phil Smith III, Micro


  • Z who cannot be named – Ken Stine,IBM
  • Roadmap to What’s Happening with VM –

Yvonne Demeritt, Broadcom

  • zPRO V4 – High Octane On-prem Private Cloud

for Linux on Z – James Vincent, Velocity


The Seriousness of Securing your

VM Environment Using Audit Data

If ignored, this can lead to jail time or being on the

cover of the New York Times or CNN and not in a

good way. Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every

company in the world, and one of the biggest

problems with mankind. The financial and customer

impact is growing exponentially, don’t be another

statistic. Discover how to identify and utilize audit

records to secure your environment.

Attacking Encryption:

Understanding risk and making

intelligent choices

Unless you’ve been asleep for the last decade, you’re

aware that computer systems – enterprise and

personal – are under attack from bad actors, ranging

from script kiddies to state-sponsored teams.

Encryption is one of the layers of defense keeping

data from being stolen, disclosed, and monetized.

Yet we also hear about encryption weaknesses, in

popular-press stories and more formal reports such as

CVEs (“Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures”)

maintained by the United States Department of

Homeland Security (DHS).

What does it mean to “attack” encryption and how is

it done? How do you decide what’s realistic, and

choose the right encryption approach for a given use


This session discusses types of encryption attacks at a

non-crypto-geek level. It aims to help mere mortals

gain a comfort level with the terminology, to help

realistically appraise news stories about various crypto

compromises, and to learn how to make good crypto


Z who cannot be named

Watch this space.

Roadmap to What’s Happening

with VM

Industry initiatives drive progress. FFind out what

drives the VM:Manager Suite to manage your VM

environment. Join us for an informative roadmap

session and discover what we have done, what we are

currently doing and what the future looks like for the

VM:Manager Suite.

zPRO V4 – High Octane On-prem

Private Cloud for Linux on Z

There are three big problems we are all facing:

management decisions to move everything to “the

cloud” and off Z, finding people with z/VM skills to

keep existing Linux farms going, and very few (one!)

reliable and easy products to manage your Z cloud.

zPRO Version 4 is ready to help solve these problems

and more. In this session hear stories about actual

customers utilizing zPRO for their cloud that not only

freed up precious time, but also helped Linux on

z/VM flourish. zPRO from Velocity Software has

been developed by, and for system admins and end

users alike to enable them to build and manage Linux

on Z servers quickly and easily. You will hear how fast

you can install and set up zPRO and how it can be

used on any z/VM system, with or without a directory

or security manager and how you can “plug it in” to

other virtual server management systems with our

RESTful APIs. Plus, with zPRO Version 4, you only

need to be logged on to one system to manage ALL

your enterprise z/VM systems running Linux servers.

Hillgang DC zVM and zLinux Users Group invitation



Regards, Len


Leonard J. Santalucia

CTO | Business Development Manager | Certified Specialist | IBM Champion

Vicom Infinity, Inc.

IBM Premier Business Partner

One Penn Plaza – Suite 2010

New York, New York 10119





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